原文片名: 探案新窍门 第五季手机在线观看
导演: 艾伦·艾克哈特,伊冯娜·斯特拉霍夫斯基,米兰达·奥图,小越勇辉,中岛健,ウチクリ内倉,花柳のぞみ,神谷浩史,井上和彦,小林沙苗,石田彰 
类型: 国产剧
地区: 其他 
年份: 2022

黑白影院 After the death of his son, a Sargent Major in the Colmar police department, Dr. étienne Ronsard steps in to look after a grandson he hardly knows. It had been years since étienne last saw his estranged son, whos being painted as a drug addict who lost control of his car and killed his partner along with himself. étienne was never happy with the life his son chose, but he doesnt believe for a second that his son turned bad. Hes determined to give his grandson a better memory of his father, so he sets out to prove that Sargent Major Gilles Ronsard was an upstanding cop and man 4k电影网 黑白影院 4k电影网黑白影院