原文片名: 杨光的新生活迅雷下载地址
导演: 千種ちな,Aleksandr·Efimov,伊戈尔·别特连科,阿尔焦姆·谢马金,阿列克谢·克拉夫琴科,阿列克谢·帕宁,阿马杜·马马达科夫,Anatoli·Gushchin,亚历山大·奥斯特犹科夫,若菜濑奈,川岛直美,深山洋貴,山本東 
类型: 国产剧
地区: 其他 
年份: 2022

第五电影网 Akilla's Escape weaves the present and past in a crime-noir about the urban child-soldier. Set in Toronto and New York where over 450,00 Jamaicans reside, the story speaks to the historical criminalization of black boys that modern society overlooks.Akilla Brown is forty-years-old and for the first time in his life, the clandestine cannabis grow operation he runs is legit. Only one year into government approval legalization, the pendulum of hypocrisy takes a toll and Akilla decides to cash out. While making a routine delivery on a cool, summer night, destiny takes an unexpected turn when Akilla confronts a firestorm of masked youths in an armed robbery.In the aftermath of the heist, Akilla captures one of the thieves, a mute fifteen-year-old boy named Sheppard. Upon leaning the bandits are affiliated with the Garrison Army, a Jamaican crime syndicate his grandfather founded. Akilla is forced to reckon with a cycle of violence he thought he escaped. 4k电影网 第五电影网 4k电影网第五电影网